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4oz. cream cheese 4oz. feta cheese 1 teaspoon hot sauce 8oz. pre-cooked chicken strips 3 tablespoon Greek Salad dressing (or your favorite vinaigrette) 1 cucumber ½ cup of black olives, sliced 2 plum tomatoes 8 leaves romaine lettuce 8 flour tortillas


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Whip cream cheese in stand mixer. Add in feta and hot sauce, and mix until fluffy and well combined. Toss chicken strips with salad dressing. Slice cucumber into long wedges. Slice plum tomatoes into wedges also. Spread each tortilla with one eighth of the cheese mixture. Top with a romaine leaf, cucumber and tomato wedges, chicken, and black olives. Roll tightly and slice into bite size pieces. Arrange on tray with additional romaine if desired.


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