Who We Are

SaleCanada Inc. is a Canadian eCommerce, OEM and Wholesale-Dropshipping company which sells a wide range of New and Refurbished Electronics, Televisions, Small Home appliances, Computer Hardware, Designer Fragrances, Health & Personal Care among others.

The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Salecanada Inc. has two executive directors. Between them they have 40 plus years of experience in a wide range of areas such as Sales, Solutions, Project Management, Vendor Management, Operations, Implementation, Logistics and Supply Chain, as well as vast International experience, among others.
Their staff are highly experienced in listing products across various marketplaces, order management, inventory management, product staging and many others.
Salecanada Inc. has been in business for more than 5 years now. In a short time, it has managed to provide a wide range of services and products in both wholesale and retail environment, as well is a distributor for a couple of product lines. It is seriously looking into expanding into the US market and should be setup soon.
A summary of activities undertaken is listed below.

Online eCommerce:

With access to various products from suppliers/partners, SaleCanada have around $2M plus of inventory online that are currently active on their various websites and marketplaces. Some of the items that they sell are small appliances, health and beauty products, TVs, and electronics to name a few. They are poised to grow the inventory to about $10M in the next 2 to 5 years.


To gain access a broad array of products mentioned above, they have developed a vast network of wholesalers to source the products from and to also sell the products to. They have also developed connections in several countries across the globe to serve as the source of their products. They are also in the process of developing a parallel set of buyers for these products and should be able to export products to some countries.


They incorporated the Shopify platform right from the inception of the company. Their expertise includes Platform setup and excellent flow control. Their nearness to the Shopify HQ (Waterloo, ON) has benefited them for building strong connections with the core Shopify Team as well as other Shopify experts across all regions to cater to in-depth services and enhancements. They therefore have expertise to manage backend marketplaces for third parties.


With their experience and expertise in eCommerce and related services, They can provide DropShipping services to their clients, as well as Run online marketplaces for them. They also provide Logo Design, and Trademark services to name a few.


Their strong relationship with their suppliers has helped them grow in this area.