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¼ cup onions, diced ¼ cup peppers, diced ¼ cup oil, divided 1 pound turkey leftovers 2 cups leftovers (potatoes, butternut squash, stuffing, brussels sprouts, green beans, mushrooms, etc.) 2 tablespoons herbs, fresh chopped Salt & pepper, to taste 2 eggs


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  1. Set to Cuisinart 360 XL Griddle to medium-high heat. 2. Dice onions and peppers and set aside. 3. Put all prepped items in separate containers. 4. Using half of the oil, cover griddle and add diced onions and peppers, season with salt and pepper, cook until softened. 5. Add turkey and leftovers to griddle and sauté, stirring to combine until crispy and hot. 6. Add fresh herbs, salt and peppers to personal taste and lower heat to medium-low. 7. Set hash to one side of griddle and use remaining oil. 8. Fry eggs on griddle top. 9. To avoid shell pieces, crack each egg into a separate small bowl before placing in griddle. 10. Season eggs with salt and pepper. 11. Flip once egg becomes firm on edges, approximately 2-3 minutes. Cook one minute longer for perfect over-medium egg. Plate the hash and top with eggs.
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