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½c Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1t Sea salt ½c Flour 1½c Chicken Broth 1c buttermilk 3 ounces Thai red curry paste 4 oz smoked gouda, shredded 8 oz mild cheddar, shredded 8 oz Havarti, shredded 1 pound trumpet Macaroni, cooked al dente 1t Hot Paprika 1t Cayenne 2 cups Matchstick carrots and slaw sautéed in olive oil with garlic 5 ounces Chili Garlic sauce 2 bunches of scallions sliced thin and placed in ice water for garnish and crunch Topping: ¼c butter 1c sour dough bread crumbs 1T parsley flakes


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1. In a non-stick heated sauce pot add the ½c Olive Oil, keep at med-high heat and add the flour and salt gradually and make a roux. It will be quite thick, continue to let it bubble while stirring for a couple of minutes. 2. Gradually add the chicken broth and continue to stir with a whisk. Bring it to a boil and add the buttermilk and bring back up to a simmer, continuing to whisk. Add the red curry paste and whisk. 3. Add the cayenne, paprika and all 3 cheeses gradually and continue to stir. 4. Add the macaroni, cooked carrot, chili-garlic sauce and stir. 5. To make the topping, mix the bread crumbs, melted butter and parsley and stir. To assemble: 1. Heat oven to 350. 2. Spray your casserole or cooking pans. 3. Now add the macaroni and cheese. 4. Top with the bread crumb and topping, trying to cover the macaroni. 5. Cook on a baking sheet at 350 6. Serve with curled scallions on top


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