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2 Cups Raw Elbow Macaroni - Cooked 3 Tablespoons Butter 1 Whole Small Onion, Diced Small = ½ Cup 1 Lb. Ground Beef - 1 Can (28 Oz.) Plum Tomatoes with Liquid - Chopped Fine or Pass thru Food Processor Salt - To Taste - Start with ¼ teaspoon Pepper & Garlic Powder


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In large skillet, heat butter, add onions, sauté until transparent. Add beef, browning until almost cooked. Add tomatoes, water or broth & seasonings. Stir. Cook 15/20 minutes. Check for liquid as it dries up - add more liquid as needed - Add drained cooked macaroni, stir. Taste for seasonings. Cook/heat together for 5 minutes. Serve. Note: Boil macaroni when meat sauce is almost done - as "elbows" cook fast This recipe uses "elbows" pasta, as it gets into the holes & tastes good Boil macaroni as per directions on box, as meat sauce is almost done


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