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⅓ Cup Caesar Dressing 4 Romaine Hearts sliced in half lengthwise 4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Salt Pepper ½ Loaf Banquette or Italian bread cut into ¾ inch pieces Olive Oil ¼ Cup Parmesan shaved (using a vegetable peeler) into 1½ pieces


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1.Place your griddle pan on one side of the grill and pre heat that side to high heat. Turn the rest of you burners to medium high heat. 2.Toss bread pieces and 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl until bread is evenly coated. Then place onto medium high side of grill. Cook until all side are golden brown, about 10 minutes, turning pieces often to ensure even cooking. 3.Brush chicken breast with olive oil and season evenly with salt and pepper. Place to medium high side of grill and cook until first side is golden brown and has nice grill marks, about 5-8 minutes. Flip and repeat until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Remove from grill and allow to cool. Once cool enough to handle slice chicken into ½ slices. 4.Brush each cut side of romaine hearts with 1 tablespoon of dressing and place onto the griddle pan. Cook until cut side has a little char but the remaining lettuce has not wilted about 1 minute. Remove immediately from pan and cut into 1½ inch pieces. 5.Place chicken slices, lettuce, parmesan, croutons and remaining dressing in a large bowl and toss gentility until dressing is evenly dispersed. Serve immediately.



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