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¼ Lb. Pepperoni - Large Thick Julienne Strips or Buy Small Pkg. Sliced Rounds ½ Lb. Salami - Large Thick Julienne Strips ½ Lb. Ham - Large Thick Julienne Strips ½ Lb. Cheese - Provolone Or Swiss - Large Thick Julienne Strips - I Used Both 5 Large Pieces of Celery Ribs - Thick Slices At Angle 3 Large Pieces of Carrots - Raw - Sliced Thin ½ Cup Each - Olives - Green (Stuffed) - Black (Pitted) 1 Whole Red Pepper - Raw - Cut In Large Chunks or Julienne or Both Shapes 1 Whole Green Pepper - Same As Above 1 Bottled Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing or Seven Seas Viva Italian Dressing Or Use Your Own Favorite Combination Of Salad Dressing. Oil, Vinegar, Oregano, Salt, Pepper, Etc. (To Taste) I Use The Bottled Italian Dressing – It’s Easier...


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