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4/6/8 People


5# Preferred Potato's (Peeled, If Desired- Type Potato Depends Typically)
• White Onion, Small Dice
• Celery, Finely Diced
• Hard-Boiled/ Peeled / X-Large Eggs, Cut Into ¼-⅛'S
• Hellman's Mayonnaise (Approx. ½⅔ Of 48oz Jar (Actual Traditional Regular Style Brand, Recommended...) * Do Not Substitute Of Any Kind
• Approx. 1 Tblsp. Kosher Salt /Approx. 2 Teaspoon. Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Nutritional Information

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Boil And Cook Potato's Until Slightly Tender (Where Firm Pressure Needed To Pierce Thru With Knife ) For Best Results With This Recipe It's Preferred That Potato's Are To Be Drained Once Done Cooking And Left To Cool And Dry Upon Sheet Tray And Left Within Room Temperature To Do So.... If Not Already Done So Prior To Cooking, They Can Than Easily Be Peeled Once Cool Enough To Handle And Than Cut In Half Long Lengthwise Than Each Half Into ⅓ - ¼ So Each Potato Is Than Into 1/6-⅛'S

Rinse Clean And Cut Raw Vegetables (Onion/ Celery) *If Desired Additional May Be Used Such As: Scallion, Bell Peppers, Garlic, Carrot Ect.)

Hardboil Eggs Starting With Luke Warm Tempt Water And Once Water Is At A Boil, Simmer For 10-12 Mins, Than Chill Immediately With Ice Bath And/ Or Running Cold Water.... Than Peel Shell's From Eggs And Cut In Half Longways, Than Cut Each Half Across Twice Making Thirds Dividing Each Egg Into 1/6's Or If Needed ⅛'S...

Combine Potato's(Cooked, Peeled, Chopped) , Vegetables (Cleaned/ Rinsed/ Dried/ Diced) , Eggs (Cooked/ Cooled/ Peeled/ Chopped) , Salt And Ground Pepper And Gently Toss To Mix Evenly Incorporating All Of The Items....

Add Mayo Starting With About 30 Ounces Of Jar And Fold Into Easily Yet Thoroughly To Combine Everything Where Consistency Will Be Slightly Wet And All Items Just Beginning To Moistly Adhere Togetheer And Keenly Avoiding Smashing Potato's And Eggs Mainly Which Can Create An Unappealing Mushy Consistency.... Add More A Little At A Time Until Desired Texture Is Achieved, Noting That Cannot Remove Too Much , But Can Always Add More If Too Dry...

Best To Serve Immediately Once Salad Has Been Mix With Mayo.... Items Can All Be Prepared Ahead Of Time And Even Tossed Together But It Has Been Noticed That The Best Results Occur With Freshly Prepared Room Temperature Potato's... (Basically Where Once Have Been Chilled, Potato's Do Not Have Best Overall Texture And/Or Seem To Not Have Same Most Favored Results In My Opinion.... But Again, Salad Is Able To Be Prepared In Advance And Just Have To Complete Final Step Of Mixing And Seasoning To Taste And Than Served Asap And Suggested To Have Table Life Of Not More Than 2 Hours There-After Must Be Refrigerated With Shelf Life Of 3-5 Days Max For Best Results....


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