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1.Whole chicken--1 cut up 2.vinegar--2 Tbsp 3.Dark soy sauce--2 Tbsp 4.Garlic and ginger paste---1 teaspoon 5.salt--to taste 6.Green Chilies (Serrano)---5 slit 7.Curry leaves(optional)---4 8.chilli paste (Sambal)---1 Tbsp 9.Onion---1 large thinly chopped 10.Spring onion---2 sliced for garnish


Marinate chicken with dark soy sauce, vinegar and garlic and ginger paste and salt for 4 hrs. In a large pan cook the marinated chicken until done. In a large skillet add couple of Tbsps of olive oil and fry onions, green chilies and curry leaves, Sauté until onions are brown then add the cooked chicken. Fry the chicken stirring continuously on med high heat and then add chili paste. Continue frying until chicken is dry and remove to a serving platter and sprinkle green onion......ENJOY!!!


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