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4-6 Boneless/skinless chicken breast Pineapple Juice Kikkoman Teryiaki Sauce 3-6 eggs( vary depending on chicken size and amount used ) shredded coconut flour cornmeal salt pepper dried basil


Take a large frying pan and fill with canola oil or vegetable oil (I prefer canola better taste and fries crisp)fill the pan enough for the chicken to be submerged halfway up the meat.turn heat on medium to high heat more on the medium side than high.allow time for oil to get to this medium to high temp before putting any meat in the pan. while waiting for oil to get hot ... Take a medium mixing bowl and mix half and half pineapple juice and teriyaki sauce In a seperate large mixing bowl take flour and cornmeal and mix half cornmeal half flour about 3 cups each.salt and pepper to your own taste and add ¼ cup dried basil and mix together thoroughly. Set aside the eggs in a dipping bowl and scramble and in a separate medium size bowl fill full of shredded coconut. Take chicken breast and poke holes in both sides with fork very good to tenderize the meat. Line your bowls up accordingly eggs, teryiaki sauce,coconut,breading mix. You can choose to cut your chicken up into strips or cook whole pieces, I find this is much better done in strips but will b more time consuming either way is good. Take your chicken and dip in egg,pull up and let egg drip til nothing or very few drips of egg is still falling and immediately dip in the teryiaki sauce,do same and let drip come to an almost stop,then take your chicken and roll or lay flat and pat both sides in shredded coconut, take out of coconut and lay flat in the breading mix(flour,cormeal,seasoning mix)and pat to make sure breading is on entire piece very well. Take from flour and place in hot oil frying pan and fry until crispy and completely white on inside but still juicy. use paper towels to allow excess oil to soak up as you remove from pan before placing done chicken on plates. Now enjoy some of the best chicken you have ever put in your mouth! :+)


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