Tescom Hair Cutter TC 460 World Voltage 1mm-35mm Rechargeable Hair Trimmer/Clipper

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Tescom Hair Cutter TC 460

Blade and main body that can be washed with water and is a convenient standard type for dual use

CUTTING HEIGHT DIAL: You can adjust the cutting height by 1mm by simply turning the dial at hand. You can cut it little by little, so it is safe for beginners.

CUTTING PERFORMANCE IMPROVED: Cutting performance is improved by 60% by using a sharp blade at 45 °C. * Compared with conventional product TC420.

NORMAL COMB: Compatible with cutting heights of 1 to 35mm. Eliminates the hassle of replacing attachment combs

SCHIKARI COMB: For a natural fi­nish like scissors even on the hairline around the ears. Volume down can be done easily

EASY CLEAN FUNCTION: As the blade can be ­fixed with the blade open, cleaning of troublesome hair scraps is very easy. You can also clean by removing the blade. (Cleaning brush is an accessory)

CLEANING LEVER: By raising the cleaning lever, you can easily clean between the fi­xed blade and the movable blade.

WASHABLE WITH WATER: The water-resistant structure makes it easy to clean after cutting. You can quickly wash with water.

# The power plug of this product is “A type”. The voltage and plug shape vary depending on the country. Please check “Voltage and plug list” in the instruction manual before use.


❏ Rechargeable
❏ Tescom World Voltage 1mm-35mm Hair Trimmer / Hair Clipper
❏ Simple type of relief for those who cut for the first time.
❏ The cutting performance is improved, and the hairline such as around the ear can be cut naturally.
❏ Continuous use for 30 minutes after charged
❏ Body dimensions: Height / 185mm Width / 48mm Depth / 43mm

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