Tescom Hair Cutter TC 450 World Voltage 1mm-35mm Hair Trimmer/Clipper

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Hair Cutter TC 450

Since the cutting height can be adjusted in 1 mm increments, a simple type that is safe to cut for the fi­rst time

Cutting Height Dial: The cutting height can be adjusted in 1mm increments by dial operation. As it can be cut little by little, it is safe for beginners.

Cutting Performance Improved: Cutting performance is improved by 60% by using a sharp blade at 45 °C. * Compared with conventional product TC420.

Normal Comb: Compatible with cutting heights of 1 to 35 mm. Eliminates the hassle of changing attachment combs at each cutting height. You can cut circles, berry shorts and short.

Schikari Comb: For a natural ­finish like scissors even on the hairline around the ears. Volume down can be done easily.

Easy Clean Function: As the blade can be fi­xed with the blade open, cleaning of troublesome hair scraps is very easy. You can also clean by removing the blade. (Cleaning brush is an accessory)

Cleaning Lever: By raising the cleaning lever, you can easily clean between the ­xed blade and the movable blade.

Only The Blade Can Be Washed With Water: Only the removed blade can be washed with water. * The main body cannot be washed.

AC Type: The power does not drop because it is an AC type that can be used immediately by connecting it to an outlet. You can cut powerfully anytime you want.

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