T-fal CY7018CA Cook4me 6L All-In-One Multicooker, Black - With Manuf Warranty

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Let Cook4me guides you to cook fast and tasty meals!

Take a close look at Cook4me, your own personal cooking assistant! It comes with over 85 pre-programmed recipes and guides you step by step to cook tasty meals for up to 6 people. At the push of a button, cook a variety of meals and reduce time spent in the kitchen!

  • To cook a specific ingredient, simply select it on the digital screen, click and Cook4me cooks it for you.
  • 5 cooking settings allow you to pressure-cook, steam, brown, simmer, or reheat your meals.
  • No need to monitor. When the meal is ready, the cooker keeps it warm until it's time to eat!
  • Safe to use: features cool-touch handles for a totally safe cooking experience.
  • Easy to clean: the removable pot and steam basket are dishwasher compatible.

Over 80 different recipes!
The CY7018 comes preprogramed with over 80 recipes making it supper easy to prepare a variety of meals for your family. Whether its pumpkin dip or steamed sweet chili salmon the Tefal Cook4Me has options to suit all family members during any occasion or season.

Save your favourites
If there are a few preprogramed recipes you find yourself cooking more often than the others you can save them to the favourites menu which will take out the step of having to go through the long list of recipes in the recipes menu. Saving even more time!

Quick and easy
After a long day at work the last thing you want to do is slave over the stove for an hour or so making dinner. Thanks to the Tefal Cook4Me you can cook a meal in less than half the time as 65% of recipes cook in less than 12 minutes! Letting you relax and unwind sooner rather than later.

Enjoy your own creations
If you're feeling like a meal that isn't preprogramed or you're just wanting to reheat or keep something warm you can use the manual menu. The manual menu lets you reheat leftovers keep cooked dishes warm and allows you to use the browning option to enhance flavours.

Manufacturer Refurbished. Good as new.

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