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Economic Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – SE02M1WB
The construction of most workstations are designed to be strong. These bulky products hamper the style of modern interior designs. Economic Height-Adjustable Standing Desk reverses the common feature of current sit-stand workstations. Our idea of making sit-stand workstations highlights simplicity while maintaining reliability. With a durable steel construction, the workstation confidently holds most monitors or laptops. By incorporating a high-quality desktop, the workstation features strong water & scratch resistant surface. The product has been fully assembled, and ready to go right out of the box. No replacement of office furniture and quick setup save a lot of while optimizing office ergonomics. Simply lift or lower the desktop to your desired height. You will gain more activity, health, and productivity.

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Brochure

  • Ultra-slim profile for space saving & easy storage
  • 12 height settings for optimal viewing height
  • Steel construction provides a solid, and long-lasting performance
  • Non-skid silicone pads protect work surface from scratches or scuffs
  • Quality MDF board features high impact resistance

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