NextErgo Smart Standing Desk (Tabletop Not Included)

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  • 8-Inch HD Touchscreen with 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • Posture Correction with Hand Level Detection
  • Ergonomics Tools – Desk Height Calculators
  • Voice Control with Built-in Google Assistant
  • News and Weather
  • Personalized Goals
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Desk Exercises & Yoga
  • Goal Tracking
  • Activity Reminders
  • Usage Reports
  • Holistic Approach
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Docking Station
    • Wireless Charging
    • Built-in Speakers

Presence Sensor:  1-Year Limited Warranty

Comparison of Standing Desk


NextErgo is an AI-powered Smart Standing Desk with an ergonomic posture-perfecting technology and built-in presence detection sensors. It includes an 8-inch HD touchscreen control. With its voice control integration with Google Assistant, NextErgo can set reminders to take a break, drink water, eat a snack, or move certain parts of the body, including the back, eyes, hands, neck, or shoulders and the system also provides step-by-step Yoga exercises..

The NextErgo Desk Vision

Bettering the work lifestyle with healthier habits at your desk. The nature of work is changing, and we believe our health rituals should change as well, to be in sync with the working lifestyle

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