NAAV-367 Handcrafted Mode Bookcase Authentic Canadian Made Rustic Pine Furniture

Sale price$838.73


■ The MODE Bookcase is a fresh take on bookshelves, using modular crates and rail-style gables to create an open concept storage solution.
■ The MODE Bookcase is also available in 2-Crate or 3-Crate heights (36" and 54" tall, respectively).
■ Inside dimensions of each crate: 28"w x 10.75" x 13"h
■ Clearance between each crate: 3"
■ Dimensions: 31.0 x 12.0 x 70.5 (Length x Width x Height)
■ Solid pine and water-based non-toxic finish.
■ Functional home furnishings & accent pieces are handcrafted in Canada using simple techniques and real wood.
■ Made to order
▩ Shipping: 5-7 weeks delivery on confirmed orders


Reminiscent of milk paints from days gone by, our wide variety of finishes each have their own unique personality & charm. And because we use only non-toxic water based finishing products, you can feel completely safe about bringing our furniture into your home.

All our finishes highlight the beauty and natural texture of the wood by allowing the natural characteristics including knots, grains and other textures and imperfections to shine through.

Vintage finishes feature a distressed rustic-heritage finish throughout the piece. Antique finishes are solid paint colours with a durable low-lustre finish.

Items are also available completely "Naked" (unfinished bare pine) for a 10% discount off Antique prices. ​


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