FF123151- Fryer Uno White/ Grey Blemished Package 1YR Warranty

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Description :
1. Lid
2. Viewing window
3. Basket handle
4. Basket
5. Fryer bowl
6. Min. and Max. filling levels
7. Lid open button
8. Timer (depending on model)
9. On/Off switch with light (depending on model)
10.Carry handles
11.Adjustable thermostat

Filling the bowl
• Be sure the fryer is not plugged in before filling the bowl.
• Fill the bowl with oil.
• Never fill the bowl above the maximum level shown on the bowl
• Use an oil recommended for frying: blended vegetable oil or sunflower oil. If using sunflower oil ensure the oil is changed after every 5 uses. Oil which should not be used under any circumstances and may cause overflowing/smoking/risk of fire are: ground nut oil, soya oil, olive oil, lard or dripping.

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