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dough: 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 whole eggs ½ ts. salt 2 Tb. sugar ½ cup cold water Filling: 4 Large potatoes, peeled, cubed 1 large onion, chopped ¼ cup soft butter + 1 Tb. butter 2 Tb. minced garlic ¼ cup milk salt & pepper to taste


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Saute chopped onion in 1 Tb. butter until lightly browned. Boil potatoes until soft, drain. Mash potatoes with butter, garlic, onions, milk, salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. Mix flour, salt & sugar. Beat eggs with water and add to dry ingredients and mix together to form a soft dough. Flour kneading board and knead dough until nothing sticks to your hands dusting with flour if necessary. Roll into one long roll about 3 inches in diameter & cover with a towel for 5 minutes. Then cut about ½ inch slice & roll it out into a thin circle. Working with one slice at a time, place a full teaspoon of filling onto half of dough, moisten edges with water and fold over. Dip a fork into flour and pinch edges together with fork all around on both sides. Set aside onto a floured baking sheet or floured wax paper. Continue to fill the rest of the dough slices. Bring to a light boil water in a large pot (you may add 2 Tb. of salt to the water if you like but it is not necessary). Place pierogi one at a time gently in the water (3 or 4 max). Once they float to the top, cook for 3 minutes more. Remove gently one at a time and place in a pan with cool water for 2 minutes, then drain on a cookie sheet rack to cool & dry. (At this point, you may place them into a freezer storage bag for future use.) For that day serving, fry the pierogi in melted butter until golden brown on both sides. Serve with sauteed onion slices, sour cream and a light dusting of salt and black pepper.


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