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1 once or 2 onces for baby food or in a small dish for dipping


2 Avocado Handfull of dried prunes 2 bananas


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First, Steam the dried prunes for 20 minutes or until soft consistency, steam the bananas for 5 minutes or until nice and soft, do not over steam as it will turn the bananas brown. Before starting to put everything in the food processor, make sure that the prunes have cool down, it will stop the bananas from turning brown while mixing. Cut and empty both ripe avocado into the food processor, add the cool prunes and warm bananas. Mix together until smooth (pureed) consistency. Seperate into small quantities ( you may use an ice tray or small freezer containers)wait until cool and freeze for future use. You may also serve fresh for baby and freeze the remaining. The baby food can also be use as a dip for nacho chips. Really yummy!

For baby

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