QualGear® Pro-AV QG-KIT-TA-3IN-B 3"-1.5" Projector Mount Truss Ceiling Adapter

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QualGear® Pro-AV QG-KIT-TA-3IN-B Projector Mounting Kit - Projector Mount with a Truss Ceiling Adapter and a 3 inch 1.5-Inch NPT Threaded Pipe in Black

This mounting kit includes the professional grade QG-PRO-PM-50-B projector mount, truss ceiling adapter, and a 3 inch 1.5-Inch NPT threaded pipe in black.

Product Features

  • QG-PRO-PM-TCA-B (truss ceiling adapter)
  • QG-PRO-PM-3IN-B (3 inch pipe)

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