Philips Sonicare W Diamond Clean Standard Sonic RFID Replacement Brush Heads; White HX6062/92

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  • Diamond-shaped bristles give you 100% whiter teeth in 1 week For exceptional care of teeth and gums
  • Up to 7x more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush
  • Innovative technology
  • Automatically selects optimal mode for ultimate results**
  • Creates micro bubbles that reach deep between teeth
  • Designed to optimize performance
  • Always know when to replace. Always get an effective clean.
  • Tested to meet your oral health needs
  • Click-on design for simple brush head placement
  • Items included
  • Brush heads: 2 W Diamond Clean standard
  • Compatibility
  • Brush head system: Click-on
  • Brush Sync mode-pairing
  • Design and finishing
  • Color: White
  • Bristle stiffness feel: Regular
  • Reminder bristles: Blue bristle color fade away
  • Size: Standard
  • Health benefits
  • Gum health: Helps improve gum health
  • Plaque removal: Removes up to 7x more plaque*
  • Whitening: Whiter teeth in just one week Quality and performance
  • Replacement: Every 3 months *than a manual toothbrush

**BrushSync™ mode-pairing is only compatible with Philips Sonicare BrushSync™ enabled toothbrush handles

The Philips Sonicate Diamond Clean brush head gently lifts away stains to whiten teeth. Designed to work with all click-on Sonicate models, these replacement brush heads feature highly effective diamond-shaped bristles to whiten teeth in just 1 week and gently remove 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Use with a Philips Sonicate Brush Sync(TM) compatible handle (Diamond Clean Smart or Protective Clean) to unlock Smart features: Brush Sync mode-pairing triggers your handle to select optimal mode and intensity level for exceptional plaque removal (certain models only); Brush Sync replacement technology tracks how often and how hard you brush and will notify you when it is time to replace your brush head. Also, reminder bristles fade to let you know when it's time for replacement. Replace your brush head every 3 months as recommended by the American Dental Association. A fresh brush head every 3 months maximizes the effectiveness of Philips' unique Sonicate technology.

Suitable for these models: 2 Series plaque control, 2 Series plaque defense, 3 Series gum health, DiamondClean, DiamondClean Smart, EasyClean, Essence+, FlexCare, FlexCare Platinum, FlexCare Platinum Connected, FlexCare+, HealthyWhite, HealthyWhite+, PowerUp, ProtectiveClean


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