Neostrata Skin Active Firming Tri Therapy Lifting Serum 30 ml

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• Volumizes slack skin with aminofil to help plump and firm skin for a more lifted appearance

• Tone is renewed with Gluconolactone, formulated to enhance exfoliation and even pigment for enhanced clarity
• Smooths skin with low molecular weight (lmw) hyaluronic acid while providing surface hydration and exfoliation for increased luminosity

Formulated to help volume and sculpt skin, this proprietary triple antiaging complex fills the look of deep wrinkles and helps improve the appearance of skin laxity. Patented amino acid derivative, aminofil is concentrated to help target collagen and skin's hyaluronic acid to to volumize, plump, and firm skin for a more lifted appearance. Gluconolactone, a Polyhydroxy acid and chelator, helps to reduce oxidative damage and gently enhances exfoliation for more even skin tone. Due to its unique small size, lmw hyaluronic acid penetrates skin's surface to attract moisture, providing hydration to visibly improve skin's texture. Neostrata skin active tri-therapy lifting serum is a non-irritating, alcohol free, oil Free, paraben free formulation.

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