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Defying all expectations of what traditional amplifiers can do, the NAD D 7050 is an incredibly versatile product that offers audio excellence like never before. With the inclusion of Apple AirPlay, the D 7050 is one simple yet expansive package. If you have a computer or smartphone running iTunes and a home Wi-Fi network, just add the D 7050 and your favourite loudspeakers. You’ll now have a state-of-the-art audio system in a stylish and compact package that fits anywhere in your home. Wireless access is universal as the D 7050 also supports Bluetooth aptX for hi fidelity point-to-point streaming without a network. A premium headphone amplifier output with a high quality volume control is also included for your personal listening. Employing technologies such as DirectDigital™ ensures a stellar performance void of noise and distortion. From downloads and streaming to instant access to all the music in the world, plus Spotify Connect, the D 7050 is a wondrous amplifier that frees your digital music library. Features and Specs Performance Specs Watts RMS per Channel (8-ohms) Not given Watts RMS per Channel (6-ohms) Not given Watts RMS per Channel (4-ohms) 50 Frequency Bandwidth 20-20k THD 0.004% Minimum Impedance 4 ohms Signal to Noise Ratio 90 Digital Music Features Built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) Yes High-resolution Audio Playback FLAC, WAV Bluetooth Yes Wi-Fi Yes Connections Total Analog Inputs 0 Phono Input No Optical Digital Inputs 2 Coaxial Digital Inputs 2 USB Input Type-B/Type-A Preamp Outputs Stereo Headphone Output 3.5mm Dimensions and Warranty Width (inches) 2-13/16 Height (inches) 9-5/16 Depth (inches) 11-3/8 Weight (pounds) 4.85 Parts Warranty 2 Years Labor Warranty 2 Years Audio Features Direct Digital Amplifier: Direct Digital means there are no noise and distortion producing analog circuits in the D 7050; your music remains digital right up to the speaker outputs. NAD's Direct Digital technology of the D 7050 performs all preamplifier functions in the digital domain using sophisticated software to control all aspects of performance. Digital is converted to analog by a simple passive two-pole reconstruction filter located right at the speaker outputs; then compares the output to the input, and compensates for any differences to achieve the perfect result. The high efficiency of NAD's Direct Digital amplifier technology significantly reduces the size of the heat sinks and power supply, which are physically large in high performance analog amplifiers, while offering improved sound quality. LSI's + Multi-Layer PCB's: The NAD 7050 direct digital amplifier employs large scale integrated circuits (LSI) and multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB) to optimize speed and performance. NAD's Full Disclosure Power Ratings: NAD uses Full Disclosure Power (FDP), the most demanding criterion for performance measurement. FDP specifies distortion under the most extreme conditions of low impedance loads and frequency extremes, rather than the simple and easy 1kHz @ 8 ohms test quoted by many of other manufactures. NAD uses this stricter performance criterion because it more closely matches the demands of real music and real loudspeakers. Maintaining specified distortion at 4 ohms and at 20Hz to 20kHz is a much more difficult achievement. The NAD D 7050 is rated at 50 watts x 2 channel (@ 20-20kHz, in 4-ohms, with 0.004% THD). Binding Post Speaker Terminals: The NAD D 7050 hybrid digital amplifier is equipped with four binding post terminals to connect your loudspeakers. The binding post speaker terminals will accept bare wire (up to 10AWG), banana plugs (single only), pin-connectors, and spade-connectors. Analog Audio Outputs: The NAD D 7050 offers stereo RCA outputs that can act as a pre-out to send an audio signal to a separate amplifier, or a subwoofer output to send a low-pass audio signal (up to 200Hz) to a powered subwoofer. Built-in Headphone Amp: The D 7050 features an integrated headphone amp with a 3.5mm headphone output jack to connect a pair of headphones for private listening. A specially designed low noise headphone circuitry accommodates a wide range of headphones, even 600-ohm studio models. Once headphones are connected to the D 7050, your connected speakers will be turned off. Perfect Pitch: Variety of Digital Audio Sources Wired or Wireless Network Connection: The NAD D 7050 is equipped with dual network connection methods. There's an RJ-45 LAN (Ethernet) port for direct wired connection to your home network, and there's also the built-in Wi-Fi feature that includes Wi-Fi Protected Setup for safe and secure connection to your wireless home network. Through either connection method, the D 7050 can playback music on your network that is stored on your computer and playback music directly from your Apple AirPlay iOS device or computer running iTunes. DLNA Certified: The D 7050 is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5 and Windows 7 compliant for audio networking. This means it's easier for you to access and enjoy digital music stored on your PC or smartphone (like Android). You can use your PC or smartphone to play high-bit rate music content through your audio system. Apple Airplay: The NAD D 7050 is compatible with Apple AirPlay technology. With AirPlay, the D 7050 can connect wirelessly to any AirPlay-enabled Apple device. This allows you to stream music wirelessly from your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or your computer's (Mac or PC) iTunes library; via your WiFi network. Using the Apple Remote App (Free download from iTunes) on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad and your wireless home network, you don't even need to be in the same room as the D 7050 or your computer to play, pause, skip, and stop the songs in your iTunes music library. To use the AirPlay feature you need a Mac or Windows-based PC running iTunes (10.2.2 or later) connected to your wireless home network. Your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad must have iOS 4.3.3 or later installed and connected to the same wireless home network. Dual USB Inputs: The NAD D 7050 offers dual USB inputs; a USB (type-B) port to connect your computer and a USB (type-A) port to connect your Apple device. Asynchronous USB (type-B) Input: The NAD D 7050 features an "asynchronous" USB (type-B) input to insure the lowest possible jitter (timing errors) from your connected Windows or Mac computer. The D 7050's USB input supports up to 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution music files on your computer. The D 7050 is compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) or later version; no additional USB driver required. Its also compatible with Windows (XP service pack 2 or higher and 7); additional USB driver download required from the NAD website. USB (type-A) Input For Apple Devices: The D 7050's USB (type-A) input lets you connect your Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad using the connector cable that came with your Apple device. The D 7050 supports playback of stored music and music apps on your compatible Apple device. The USB (type-A) port will also charged your connected Apple iPod or iPhone (but not iPad). Check out the iPod compatibility chart for compatible iPod, iPhone, and iPod models. Bluetooth aptX Music Streaming: The NAD D 7050 offers built-in Bluetooth aptX technology. Via Bluetooth, you can wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the hybrid digital amplifier. The D 7050 even supports aptX audio coding which delivers CD-quality sound wirelessly over Bluetooth. The D 7050 is compatible with most Bluetooth devices (such as Apple, Android, and Blackberry). However, due to the differences in Bluetooth technology, some Bluetooth enabled devices may be incompatible, function improperly, or may not support all features. iPod Compatibility Chart: The NAD D 7050 is "Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad" compatible and supports the following iPod, iPhone, and iPad model features (as of 9/6/2013): Apple Device Generation Tested Version Connection Type Media Type Control Type Display Type Charge AirPlay Bluetooth USB Audio Video Remote iPod/iPhone Song/Artist Text Track Info iPad 1 5.1.1 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N N 2 6.1.3 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N N 3 6.1.3 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N N 4 6.1.3 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N N mini 6.1.3 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N N iPhone 2G 3.1.3 N N Y Y N N Y N N Y 3G 4.2.1 N Y Y Y N N Y N N Y 3GS 5.1.1 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N Y 4 6.1.3 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N Y 4S 6.1.3 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N Y 5 6.1.4 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N Y touch 1st 2.2.1 N N Y Y N N Y N N Y 2nd 4.2.1 N Y Y Y N N Y N N Y 3rd 5.1.1 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N Y 4th 6.1.3 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N Y 5th 6.1.3 Y Y Y Y N N Y N N Y nano 2nd 1.1.3 N N Y Y N N Y N N Y 3rd 1.1.3 N N Y Y N N Y N N Y 4th 1.0.4 N N Y Y N N Y N N Y 5th 1.0.2 N N Y Y N N Y N N Y 6th 1.2PC N N Y Y N N Y N N Y 7th 1.02 PC N N Y Y N N Y N N Y classic 80GB 1.1.2 N N Y Y N N Y N N Y 120GB 2.0.1 N N Y Y N N Y N N Y 160GB 2.0.4 N N Y Y N N Y N N Y Note: Apple iPod/iPhone software updates may change functionality results. If you download a newer software version, you may need to reset the device and your iPod/iPhone to regain functionality. If this doesn't work, you may need to wait until a newer software update is available. Digital Optical/Coaxial Inputs: The NAD D7050 is fitted with two digital coaxial (RCA) inputs and two optical (toslink) digital inputs for connection of your digital audio sources; like CD and DVD players, satellite/cable boxes, or Apple TV. Note: The NAD 7050 contains no analog audio inputs. Convenience Features IR Remote Control: The NAD D 7050 comes with an IR remote for wireless operation of the hybrid digital amplifier. You can turn amplifier on/off, raise/lower volume, and switch sources from the remote. The playback controls on the remote are not functional. Remote App: A downloadable app (from iTunes or GooglePlay) specifically for the D 7050 allows you to use your Apple iPod touch/iPhone/iPad (iOS 5.1+) or Android (2.1+) smartphone/tablet as a full-function remote control. You can also adjust the crossover frequency to integrate the amp with your powered subwoofer, or fine tune the amp with specific PSB loudspeakers using the "PerfectPitch" function. +12V Trigger Input: The +12V trigger input (3.5mm) lets you turn the D 7050 on/off from another device with a +12V trigger output. Auto Standby: The D 7050 will automatically go into standby mode if there is no user interface interaction for 30 minutes. Standby power consumption is <0.5W.

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