NAD C 427 Sterio AM/FM tuner
Sterio AM/FM tuner
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NAD C 427 Sterio AM/FM tuner

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There’s nothing worse than bad reception when it comes to listening to radio. The harsh crackling sound of static can ruin the most sophisticated of systems, ultimately turning listeners away from the nearly 100-year-old medium. Thankfully, NAD has created a solution that will adequately deliver quality reception. With 40 presets available to program your favourite radio stations, the C 427 makes listening to the radio both smooth and efficient. When scanning through different stations, the C 427’s Auto Search will automatically stop at the strongest radio signal it encounters, while still providing the option of tuning weaker stations manually. Furthermore, the FM Mute feature removes inter-station noise, allowing only the strongest and clearest stations to come through. While keeping track of what stations you’ve programmed can be tricky, the C 427 actually stores all preset information, even if it has been unplugged. With great reception and ease of use, the C 427 heightens all the things that make radio great, resulting in a gratifying experience.
RDS: The RDS limits itself to the RDS PS (Program Service) and RT (Radio Text) function, both of which enhance ease of operation. The RDS PS will automatically indicate the name of the radio station you are listening to in the display. At the touch of a button, RDS RT will display additional information broadcast by the radio station, such as the presenter, the music playing, etc.

Fine Tuning: With each brief rotation of the C 427's front-panel rotary dial, the tuner will take 0.05 MHz steps for the FM band and 10 kHz for the AM band. You can also use the remote's numeric keypad to directly enter a station's identification number. Auto Search automatically stops at the next strong radio signal and optimizes tuning. Weaker radio stations can be tuned into manually. Stations that are quiet in Mono, but noisy in Stereo can benefit from the "Blend" feature that narrows stereo separation and improves noise. FM Mute eliminates inter-station tuning noise and only allows strong and clear stations to emerge from the silent background.

30 Presets: With 40 presets available, you can store all your favorite radio stations in any combination of AM and FM stations. To avoid having to scroll through 40 presets, the un-programmed (empty) ones are skipped to give you quick access to all your stations. All the preset information is stored in the C 427's non-volatile memory, which means it will remember all of its preset information even if the unit has been unplugged for a prolonged period.

Connections: The NAD C 427 tuner features a threaded F-type connector to connect the included FM wire antenna, and two spring-clip terminals to connect the included AM loop antenna (you can upgrade antennas). The NAD C 427 is fitted with a set of stereo RCA outputs and comes with a 38" audio cable to connect the tuner to your AV receiver. The rear panel IR input (3.5mm), +12V Trigger input (3.5mm), and RS-232 port allow the C 427 to be easily integrated with sophisticated system controllers used in custom installation. The tuner also comes with a detachable 6.5' AC power cord.

Simple Operation: Instead of littering the front panel with seldom-used buttons and features, the C 427 concentrates on the essentials. It features an intuitive user interface with a 24-position rotary encoder knob to quickly tune stations or select preset stations. The included IR remote provides wireless operation of the tuner.

VFD: The C 427 features a Vacuum Fluorescent Display which provides visual information on the settings, conditions, status, and other information relevant to the currently tuned station. The display offer three brightness settings.

Sleep Mode: The tuner's Sleep Mode timer will switch the C 427 to "standby mode" automatically after a preset number of minutes (30, 60, 90, or Off).

FM Section:

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 15 kHz (±1.5dB, 60 dBµ)
Usable Sensitivity (98 MHz): 10 dBµ
Signal/Noise Ratio: 65 dB (60 dBµ IHF-WTD Mono); 60dB (60 dBµ IHF-WTD Stereo)
Channel Separation:
30 Hz: 33 dB
1 kHz: 40 dB
10 kHz: 32 dB
Capture Ratio (40 dBµ): 3 dB
AM Suppression: 50dB (60 dBµ, 100% Mod. FM, 30% Mod. AM)
Image Rejection (119.4 MHz): 70 dB
I.F. Rejection (10.7 MHz): 70 dB
Pilot Suppression (60 dBµ): 60 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: Mono 0.4%; Stereo 0.8%
Auto Search Sensitivity: 24 dBµ
RDS Decode Sensitivity: 26 dBµ
AM Section:

Frequency Response (100-2.3kHz, 5 mV): ±6 dB
Usable Sensitivity (999/1000Hz): 55 dBµ
Signal/Noise Ratio (5 mV In): 42 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (5 mV In): 1.5%
IF Rejection (450 kHz): 40 dB
Image Rejection (F+2xIF): 28 dB
Selectivity: 20 dB
Loop Sensitivity (20dB S/N):
999/1000 Hz: 66 dB
603/600 Hz: 66 dB
1404/1400 Hz: 66 dB
Standby Power: <0.5W

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