NAAV Tilt Bin IN Vintage Black Color
NAAV Tilt Bin IN Vintage Black Color
NAAV Tilt Bin IN Vintage Black Color
NAAV Tilt Bin IN Vintage Black Color
NAAV Tilt Bin IN Vintage Black Color
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NAAV Tilt Bin IN Vintage Black Color

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■ Tilt Bins are consistently a top seller as they are so handy!
■ The Tilt Bin includes a plastic liner (16" x 22" x 36", approx. 18.8 gal or 60L).
■ Weight (lbs): 29
■ Great for laundry, recycling, dog food, waste, storage, compost and more!
■ Finish shown here is Vintage Black
■ Functional home furnishings & accent pieces are handcrafted in Canada using simple techniques and real wood.
■ Made to order

▩ Shipping: 7 to 10 days on order
▩ Note: Sometime deliver could be within 7 days

Reminiscent of milk paints from days gone by, our wide variety of finishes each have their own unique personality & charm. And because we use only non-toxic water based finishing products, you can feel completely safe about bringing our furniture into your home.

All our finishes highlight the beauty and natural texture of the wood by allowing the natural characteristics including knots, grains and other textures and imperfections to shine through.

Vintage finishes feature a distressed rustic-heritage finish throughout the piece. Antique finishes are solid paint colours with a durable low-lustre finish.

Items are also available completely "Naked" (unfinished bare pine) for a 10% discount off Antique prices. ​

Antique Finishes:
Classic Stain CC
Antique White

Vintage Finishes:
Vintage Dove
Vintage Black
Vintage Grey
Vintage Baguette
Vintage Pear
Vintage Confederation
Vintage Berry
Vintage Burgundy
Vintage Cola
Vintage Chocolate
Vintage Cotton
Vintage Algonquin
Vintage Navy
Vintage Driftwood
Vintage Huron
Vintage White

Layered Vintage Finishes:
Vintage Cotton over Grey
Vintage Grey over Black
Vintage Confederation over White
Vintage Pear over Black
Vintage Confederation over Black
Vintage Berry over Black
Vintage Burgundy over Black
Vintage Black over Berry (aka Ebony)

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