LED Multicolor Decorative Lights Durable Technology

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  • LED Multicolor Decorative Lights
  • Utilizes Energy-Efficient, Durable LED Technology
  • Easy and great décor for Holiday Christmas party, wedding, Thanksgiving Day, indoor and outdoor with this green wire clear bulb string lights.
  • Eco-friendly LED light

This light set has been carefully manufactured and pre-tested to give you complete satisfaction. It is a replaceable push – in series set and will not light if even one bulb is removed from of loose in its socket. However, should one bulb out (but remain in its socket) the other bulbs will continue to light. Nevertheless, to prolong the life of your set, replace the bumed out bulb as soon as possible. Use spare bulb provided mith the package.
Do not twist or tum the bulbs when removing or replacing. They are of delicate construction and may be damaged by rough bandilng.

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