Gillette ProGlide Men's Razor Blade Refills, 8 units

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Handles featuring FlexBall Technology allow the blades to respond to the contours of your face. This means a close shave with fewer missed hairs (vs. Fusion5 in a single stroke over the contours).

The handle features FlexBall Technology that responds to contours for a great shave, even over the trickiest areas.

How long a razor blade refill lasts is dependent on many variables such as beard toughness and thickness, beard preparation, shaving habits, and skin sensitivity. The Gillette ProGlide’s reformulated Indicator Lubricating Strip (vs. Fusion5) will provide you with a visual cue — it fades to white — when optimal shave conditions have been reduced. When this happens, you might want to consider changing your razor blades to get an optimal shave.

Gillette ProGlide men’s razors have been engineered with Gillette’s thinnest, finest blades to glide through hair with less tug and pull.

The blade was enhanced and anti-clogging rinse slots were added.

Gillette ProGlide features a Streamlined Comfort Guard. The soft, flexible material surrounds the Microfins, creating an outer edge that wraps around the sides of the razor blade head and channels away excess shave prep for optimal razor blade contact.


  • Refills Fit All Gillette 5-Blade Razor Handles (Excluding Gillettelabs)
  • 5 Antifriction Blades Gillette's Best Blades For A Close Shave
  • Enhanced Lubrastrip (Vs Fusion5) With More Lubricants Adds Comfort And Glide
  • Up To 1 Month Of Shaves With Each Refill
  • Microcomb Helps Guide Hair To The Blades

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