Brinno BAC2000 Time Lapse Camera Bundle Kit Full HD 1080p

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TIME LAPSE + STEP VIDEO: Instantly turn HD photos and videos into short, shareable moments with no editing required. Utilize BAC2000 to flawlessly capture your creative works to dazzle and inspire other creative enthusiasts.

99-DAY BATTERY LIFE: Powerful proprietary battery life to capture photos over many days without worrying about battery drain. No need to recharge every day as every single charge lasts up to 99 days using lithium batteries with a 5 min capture interval.

CAPTURE THEME MENU: Easy to use quick menu allows you to select variable capture scenes to best suit your filming needs ranging from Detailed Craftwork and Large Artwork to Indoor Event.

ADJUSTABLE LENS: Perfect for capturing every detail in your creations to showcase on film. Simply twist the lens to quickly adjust between 4 different focal lengths - 20 (7.9”), 30 (11.8”), 60 (23.6”), ∞ (over 23.6”).

CREATIVE ACCESSORIES: Compact and lightweight accessory kit designed exclusively for artists and creators. All accessories are multi-angle adjustable to easily capture all types of creative filming and taken anywhere with our convenient carrying case.


  • Brand: Brinno
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080P
  • Optical Sensor Size: HDR & FHD Sensor
  • Connections: USB
  • Screen Size: 2 Inches
  • Shooting Modes: Stop Motion, Time Lapse, Step Video, Still
  • Package Dimensions: 2.36 X 1.83 X 2.78 Inches
  • Item Weight: 3.44 Ounces
  • Batteries: 4 AA Batteries Required

An Upgraded Filming Experience

The TLC2020 camera and BAC2000 might look similar but looks can be deceiving. Powerful and adjustable, BAC2000’s special narrow angle lens gives you more control and filming flexibility than the traditional TLC2020 lens.

Don’t just film your projects, showcase them. With the BAC2000 create more precise time lapse videos that target in on important sections of your work.

More than just a camera

Brinno’s versatile camera bundle offers endless opportunities for showcasing your projects.
Don’t let your hard work go unappreciated. This all-purpose bundle equips you with the tools needed to create brilliant time lapses.

Perfectly Frame your Scene

Narrow Angle Lens

Eliminate outside distractions with the 69° narrow angle lens. With a narrow view of your scene have more control of what you feature in your time lapse. Film with a targeted view and cut the sideline from your footage.

Perfect for:

Filming projects from a distance

Detail oriented work

Tight spaces

Small teams

What’s the difference?

The combination of a larger focal length and smaller view angle creates a time lapse that appears more zoomed-in and targeted on your scene.

Traditional Brinno Lens

Provides a broad view of scene.

Wide Angle(118°)

Focal Length: 19mm

Narrow Angle Lens

Provides a targeted view of scene.

Narrow Angle(69°)

Focal Length: 39mm

Easy Twist Lens

Projects are dynamic and filming requirements change from day to day. With a simple twist of the lens adjust your focus distance, allowing you to easily move your camera around your space. Want to film a bird’s-eye-view, set your camera up high and use the infinity setting. Got some detailed handiwork you want to showcase, move the camera up close and twist the lens to the appropriate focus distance.

20cm (7.9”)

Use recommendation: Intimate scenes that target one point.

30cm (11.8”)

Use recommendation: Close-up scenes that require showing a bit of the surrounding area.

60cm (23.6”)

Use recommendation: Over the shoulder shots of seated work.

Infinity (>23.6”)

Use recommendation: Complete view of scene, including bird’s-eye-view or full-body shots.



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