Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated, Serum 50ML Anti-Aging Creams

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Heal visible signs of time with Blue Therapy Accelerated serum, with Alaria Esculenta extract known as the "Algae of Youth". This nutritive and brilliantly transparent serum is imbued with reflective mother-of-pearl hues to give skin instant radiance while fighting signs of aging.
Use in combination with Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream to maximize anti-aging repair efficacy. Each day, visibly reduce the apperance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

  • Highly-concentrated in algae and plankton extracts, this nutritive, brilliant transparent gel is imbued with reflective mother-of-pearl hues giving the skin instant radiance.
  • An oil-in-water dispersion system with a unique gel texture formed from the association of a 3-dimensional-forming polymer and a polymer of botanical origins

How to use: 

Apply every morning and night before anti-aging moisturizer. Avoid eye contour area.

  1. Apply 3 drops of the serum onto the palms of your hand and heat it up by pressing both palms together.
  2. Press onto the face with wave-like gesture and to focus on key areas, twist and turn the skin lightly to smooth away wrinkles.
  3. Pinch dark spots with thumb and index to reveal a glowy skin result.
  4. Finish your routine by applying an anti-aging moisturizer: our recommendation is Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream.

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